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What It's Like 2 B Me

soon to be a major motion picture

Gizmo Nickki
29 June
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hmm, what about me?
1 brother, 2 stepsister, i am an animal lover, meaning i have many and i stop and pet random ones on the sidewalk... not the other way.
3 Sheltie dogs
4 cats

Fav. city: Victoria

Dream Destination: France, England, Ireland, Japan

Hobbies: reading, writng, watching and collecting Harrison Ford movies, collecting James Herriott and Terry Prachett books, singing in the shower, watching movies, downloading music from obscure bands and commercials.

Fav movie of all time: Chicago, Phantom of the Oprah ( i can never spell that) and Hamlet

Fav book of all time: Lad: a dog, Watership Down

My personal bible: White Oleander by Janet Finch

Fav food: pizza

Fav drink: fruititopia: the grape beyond and ginger ale (together, in the same glass)

Pet peeves: my room mate, my brother, my boss, not getting my own way, mice, people that make weird noises when they eat, my room mate, people who borrow stuff and never give it back, teachers that assign too much homework, really strong perfume, candles that smell like wax, cats that don't use the litter box and my room mate people who don't return stuff they borrow, people who lose stuff they borrow, my own incompitence, cheap people and my roommates.

Favorite saying: go away you're bothering me.
2nd Fav. Saying: are you stupid?

3 fav. saying: crap in a can

my number one ice breaker: "can you swing a sack of doorknobs?"